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    What the Funky Keychain can do for your Brand: Brand Benefits 
    1. Funky Keychains allow you to determine the most cost effective means of brand promotion.
    2. The Funky Keychain is the carrier of a compelling benefit statement, letting the audience know with words what it is you do, and why your brand is the one they should trust in.
    3. Because in order to make a customer aware of your brand, they will need to see numerous impressions of that brand, resultantly the Funky Keychain is the perfect place to promote your logo. It will be seen many times by the same people, and not just by the wearer.
    4. Even if the customer has used you before, the presence of your identity on the funky keychain they possess will make sure that when the time to buy the product or service you offer comes round again, the customer will turn to your brand again.
    5. The funky keychain allows you to specifically direct your message at, "qualified targets" with the promotion of your brand. These are those most likely to want what you have to offer.
    6. The brand impression the funky keychain offers customers is synonymous with the values of the funky keychain. Your brand will be represented with a "high quality" impression, on a "highly functional" and "great looking" device. 
    7. The funky keychain allows for the promotion of your brand in a cost effective way. The cost is a known factor, (cost of keychain X no of keychains) allowing you to break down the price of your promotion in a "qualified target" impressions per dollar way. That is impossible with other means of promotion / advertising.
    8. The funky keychain used as a gift provides your brand with the "gift effect," the customer will associate your brand with the gift provided to them, and remember your brand as a result.
    9. The funky keychain when carrying your logo and brand message rubs off on your brand a little of the "cool factor." The cool factor as you know is one of the most sought after factors of business promotion used by even the world's biggest companies.
    10. The functionality of the funky keychain means that the brand it carries into the market will forever be associated in the minds of those who use its key carrying and bottle opening functions as a brand that is "useful," a brand name worthy of spending money on.
    11. The usage of the funky keychain over time creates an emotional connection between the wearer and the keychain itself. If your brand is there on the keychain, then the user will develop an emotional connection with your brand right along with the keychain itself.
    12. The funky key shape you decide on can be a visual representation of your business.
    13. The Funky Keychain and its “wearability” allows you develop a host of brand enthusiasts 
    14. Using the Funky Keychain allows you to better define how the audience perceives your product or service, and of course your brand.
    15. Developing your brand with the Funky Keychain makes selling much easier. 
    16. Branding converts your product even if it is a commodity into a product distinguished by characteristics, characteristics the market is informed of via he Funky Keychain. 
    17. Branding with the Funky Keychain makes audience believe in your product. 
    18. People buy only products that they have heard of. The funky keychain lets them hear about your offer numerous times.
    19. Keychains allow you properly position your brand in line with (and of course out of line with) competitor offerings. 
    20. Funky keychains push your promise to the market and ensure it is seen. 
    21. Keychains persistently present your offer in customer line of sight, ensuring when the buying decision is made your product/ service is ahead of the competition. 
    22. Your proliferation of the keychains only takes place when you are ready to make a specific promise to the market – You are in control with Funky Keychains.
    23. Funky Keychains let you turn the brand image you have into the brand image you want to have.
    24. Even if some of your promotional activities carry a different message, the funky keychain allows you to bring all the messages under one umbrella, and offer a consistent core message.
    25. A strong brand created using Funky Keychains allows you to charge more for your product or service. 
    26. Funky Keychains allow you to promote why and how your product or service is different from competition offerings.
    27. Funky Keychains allow you to decide if you wish to brand your business or to brand the varying products and services you offer.
    28. Funky Keychains effect branding that evokes trust from stakeholders, employees, and associates. 
    29. Funky Keychains let you brand your business paving the way for a smoother introduction of new product or service offerings to the market.
    30. If using Funky Keychains to brand yourself as an individual, it allows you establish yourself as a master, enhances your reputation, differentiates you from competitors and allows you to become a more influential person. 
    31. The Funky Keychain allows you to research your market and their habits. 
    32. The Funky Keychain allows you to identify your brand with a name – a tagline – and a new or old logo. 
    33. The Funky Keychain allows you to realign your brand if entering new markets, breaking language or cultural barriers to gaining a foothold in that market.
    34. If a new product or service offering is not in line with the brand values of your company, the Funky Keychain allows you to create a “parent silent brand” allowing the product to stand on its own two feet in the marketplace.
    35. If you have a specific immediate need, the Funky Keychain can quickly disseminate that need, and achieve its meeting in the marketplace.
    36. The Funky Keychain allows you to realign your marketing efforts in a changing environment without varying your promise (the core of our brand.)
    37. The Funky Keychain is a great tool for generating awareness for a charity or a nonprofit and can be outfitted with a call to action boosting fundraising efforts.
    38. If you want to protect your brand identity from competitors taking it, the funky keychain is a permanent means of getting your ownership of the identity out there, and keeping it out there.
    39. Using Funky Keychains to push your brand identity ensures that when a consumer makes a purchase their level of satisfaction is heightened thus increasing the chances of their buying from you again.
    40. The functionality of the Keychain ensures potential consumers will love the keychain; this love of the keychain is then infused with the brand identity borne of the chain itself. This establishes an emotional connection between your targets and your brand.
    41. The funky keychain allows you to pre-sell a product or service before it is even created. This allows you to assess if the investment needed will reap a reward before ever making the investment.
    42. The Funky Keychain allows you to create a relationship with key consumer groups 
    43. The Funky Keychain allows you to cost effectively target your message to those you determine most likely to be interested in what you are selling. It helps you determine your market niche too.
    44. Feedback from the proliferation of the Funky Keychain with your brand identity is research that allows you better deliver on consumer needs and wants.
    45. Calls to action on the Funky Keychains when acted upon allow you to profile your customers, enhancing the viability of current and future marketing campaigns. 
    46. Every funky keychain impression of your brand reinforces the consumer belief in your brand, and what you offer. 
    47. If using the Funky Keychain to brand your company you automatically give all new products or services launched under that company enhanced credibility. 
    48. The Funky Keychain lets customers identify your brand easily. 
    49. The Funky Keychain lets customers identify with your brand. 
    50. Both immediate reactions and long term branding benefits are gained using the Funky keychain. 
    51. Using the funky keychain you can customize your message in line with your own brand values and image (Your Brand Persona).
    52. Because the funky keychain is made from recycled material it lets your brand appear as friend of the earth, this carries a lot of weight in the marketplace currently.  
    53. If you have have experienced negative publicity, the funky keychain allows you repair the tarnished brand identity.
    54. You can close deals quicker with a well developed brand and the Funky Keychain allows the creation of a well developed brand. 
    55. Using the funky keychain as part of as are your primary branding efforts builds brand equity (increases the value of your brand exponentially.)
    56. Using the funky keychain enamors loyalty to your product / service.
    57. The funky keychain allows you to consistently present your brand in a positive light.
    58. The funky keychain allows you monitor consumer perception of your brand. 
    59. If you want to push your brand over large geographic areas when conventional advertising methods would be too costly, the funky keychain allows for this. 
    60. Employees will experience further ‘buy in’ to  your brand image when they wear the funky keychain (just like a uniform.)
    61. The funky keychain allows you to cost effectively manage your own branding / no outsourcing. 
    62. The funky keychain positions your brand with the demographic / location of your choosing 
    63. The Funky keychain imprinted benefit statement will be in line with your company vision, keeping you on target to meeting your long term goals. 
    64. The funky keychain delivers maximized residual branding value. 
    The Values of the Funky Keychain:  Funky Value
    1. Each funky keychain comes with a lifetime guarantee.
    2. The colour spectrum for customization the funky keychain affords to you is unparalleled.
    3. The Funky Keychain makes for a great gift of obligation.
    4. The Funky Keychain is stylistically gorgeous, increasing the chances of its being worn by those who receive it exponentially.
    5. The aluminum makeup of the Funky Keychain ensures it will be durable enough to keep your message out there for years to come.
    6. The large imprint surface area of the Funky Keychain ensures that a highly visible positioning statement can be delivered to market.
    7. The keychain aspect of the Funky Keychain functionality means that it will be in consumer line of sight whenever they drive their vehicle.
    8. The bottle opener functionality of the Funky Keychain ensures it will be used at parties etc, and used many times.
    9. The eye catching visual of the Funky Keychain ensures that it will be seen by more people than other promotional items.
    10. The Funky Keychain is created using recycled materials enhancing your brand credibility as an ethical company.
    11. The Funky Keychain is extremely inexpensive per unit.
    12. The laser engraving of the Funky Keychain is of high quality and will position your brand as a quality brand.
    13. Each Funky Keychain comes packaged as individual units, ready to be provided as a gift wrapped present to your customers or soon to be customers.
    14. The lightweight nature of the Funky Keychain ensures that if you want to deliver the chain by post the postage cost will be very low.
    15. Because keys jangle every time the user of the Funky Keychain takes out their keys it will attract the eye of others, others who will see your brand.
    16. The low minimum quantity order of the Funky Keychain ensures that you can use varying taglines cost effectively if you are attempting to promote your business with varying demographics or locations (different languages etc.)
    17. The Funky Keychain is an easy item to hand out at any promotional event, the low weight helps, but the low cost means you can hand out the keychains without worrying about return on investment (ROI is easily achieved with the Funky Keychain.
    18. With Funky Keychains you are in control at all phases. We handle the graphic virtual sample so you know what you are getting before you get it. 
    19. The laser engraving on the durable Funky Keychain ensures your logo and message imprint will never rub off and last a long time.
    20. Because the Funky Keychain is designed to be worn your marketing message and your brand is carried wherever the wearer goes.
    21. The Funky Keychain is assured to be a talking point, and will as such constantly attract attention to your brand.
    22. Because of the low cost of the Funky Keychain you don’t have to just give them to your best customers, you can give them to all of the employees of your customers thus creating a whole range of brand ambassadors.
    23. The high functionality makes the Funky Keychain great for longer term campaigns. The low cost makes it an affordable option for short term campaigns too.
    24. One of our greatest assets here at Funky Keychains is our long list of satisfied customers. If you want to be certain that your promotional tool is going to net results for you, all you need to do is look at our long list of client testimonials to know just how good the Funky Keychain is at netting results.
    25. The diverse range of customization offerings we at Funky Key deliver ensures you can enhance your brand building efforts in the most specific of ways according to your brand values and persona.
    26. The residual marketing benefit of the Funky Keychain outweighs all other promotional products. The keychain is worn (it is seen) the keychain is used (it is loved) the keychain lives long and keeps your message out there for a long time.
    27. The Funky Keychain will travel right along with the wearer, opening up new geographic markets you never deemed possible, and impossible with promotional tools which are not worn.
    28. The funky keychain is a one off marketing investment that keeps on working for you over the long term.
    29. The paint used in Funky Keychains is non toxic, and the edges are not sharp making sure your promotional tool is safe to provide to the target market.
    30. The Funky Keychain is cool, it is funky, put your brand on a Funky Keychain and enhance the equity of your brand with the “Cool Factor.”
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    Size: 3 x 1 5/8" - Packing: Individual Polybag - Material: Anodized Aluminium