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Shipping & Returns


       Shipping:  As we like to boast of: we SHIP FOR FREE. It is via DHL Express, and it gets your goods right to your door-step at no cost to you.
       Production Time: Our production time is normally a swift 2-3 weeks.
       Rush Delivery Option:  If you have a looming deadline, and are worried you won’t have your promotional items on time, then don’t worry, we should still be able to help you.
       We offer a rush production service for such instances. Just make note of this when sending your enquiry or when you contact us via the details and we’ll be able to tell you right away if we can meet your deadline.
       Return Policy:  With a return rate of well below .5%, we do the job right, and we do it right first time. Strict codes of quality control are the reason we can boast such a low
       dissatisfaction rate. At materials, production, and packing stages we go all out to ensure the end delivered good is in top notch condition. However there is still that
       less than .5% of cases where there is an issue. Whilst we strive to make this zero, we are only human, and errors can happen. In all instances we have come to an
       arrangment with the client when an error has occured. The shipping costs of returning products to China is prohibitive, but we come to other arrangements, and maintain
       our focus on securing happy repeat customers.